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5EArena keeps maintaining a close communication and contact with Valve officials in all aspects of work. In early October, we received feedbacks from individual 5E users about being VAC banned mistakenly; then we inquired and confirmed with Valve official immediately. Valve paid high attention to the problem and conducted the analysis and test on the lastest client provided by us; and found that there were conflict and compatibility problem between some parts of modules and CS:GO trust mode. Currently we have followed Valve's guide and closed the trust mode of servers and the client as well as VAC detection, preventing any new problems. 

At present playing CS:GO on 5EArena is safe. We have temporarily closed trust mode and VAC detection, to make sure 5E users can play games safely without occurring new compatibility problem or VAC problem until the problem being repaired. 

At the same time, we are working with Valve to fix the current potential problems of 5E client; and it currently entered the testing stage. After Valve confims new client repairs the existing problems, Valve will roll back bans. We will make an announcement as soon as possible to users and restart trust mode as well as VAC detection. 

About "Trust Mode"

We did not simply close trust mode in the hope that 5E anti-cheat function and Valve's trust mode can work at the same time, providing double protection for anti-cheat. We are very sorry about the compatibility problem due to technical reasons. In the future, 5E will keep the communication and cooperation with Valve in technical aspect, eliminating such problems from happening. Under the premise of ensuring account security, we will continuously strengthen anti-cheating ability and build a good community environment together with you.