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Announce 5E Arena Asia version

5E Arena has been online for more than 5 years.In the past 5 years,we are very grateful to every player enjoying CS:GO with us.Not only for the players in  China,but all of you guys who love CSGO in Asia.

It's our great pleasure to anounce the 5E Arena Asia Version.We do re-desgine the client not only how it looks but how it works!5E Arena Asia Version would definitely  make the Asian CSGO players especially SEA players enjoy the CSGO in a totally new way.And it is free to play!

To make you enjoy CS:GO easier and better.We first time ever set the high quality server out of CHINA and cordinate for a long time for every Asian CS:GO player would play in a low ping and enjoy the stable game experience.The in-game 5EBOX would help you finish the CSGO settings much easier than you can imaging.

For most players' concern,the upgraded 5E anti-cheat tech cheano and VAC the duo anti-cheat partners will definitely keep any cheater far from you.

With more than 95% tournament organizers choose 5E Arena.5E Arena elo is always a consideration for teams to pick new players.Most tanlent players in Asia play CS:GO here would get more chance to the pro teams.

5E Arena is also the best choice for pro players.BnTeT,Xccurate,Kaze and so many Asian CSGO good players find their future in 5E Arena.Playing CS:GO in 5E Arena is their daily stream content.

Besides,retake,1v1,death match and other various modes will definitely bring you totally new experience.

It's the best and right time to join the best CS:GO arena in Asia.5E Arena will keep you playing and enjoying CS:GO in many ways!

Register now!Apply the alpha test access right now,We will offer the prenium Prime service for free.For more info,you could visit our official site, or join us in the following ways,hope to get your feedback!





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升级后的5E cheano反作弊系统作为被Valve官方认证的系统也会继续保护玩家的游戏体验,让作弊远离玩家;








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